Sea-esta Massage

Massage Services and Rates

"Sea-esta for One" 

A truly one of a kind, specialized massage.

Choose any modality of bodywork listed below. 

60 Minutes... $100.00

90 Minutes... $150.00

120 Minutes... $200.00


"Sea-esta Duo"

Two Sea-esta Therapeutic Massages preformed side by side.

60 Minutes... $200.00

90 Minutes... $300.00

120 Minutes... $400.00


*Barefoot and Thai Massages are not available at this time*


Sea-esta Therapeutic  

A blended massage specific to your body and needs. Swedish techniques alone for relaxation,  or combined with trigger point therapy to help relieve pain or discomfort throughout the body. 

 Sea-esta Barefoot 

Experience a different, yet improved way to receive a deep tissue massage.  Clean, soft feet walks and glides smoothly on the body to create the ultimate deep tissue massage. Please be aware that this massage is NOT meant for every body. Detailed past and present medical history must be provided and answered honestly.

Sea-esta Thai Yoga Bodywork

This massage is performed on a traditional thai mat on the floor, with the client wearing comfortable, loose-fitting clothing. Compression, traction, assisted and passive stretching, and joint mobilization is applied along specific energy lines throughout the body. This is perfect for athletes or anyone who would like to improve their flexibility.

 Sea-esta Mama-to-be

 Expecting moms (in your 2nd or 3rd trimester) can enjoy massages too! Side lying positioning and pillows help to make this a comfortable and peaceful massage. Please note, deep tissue massage in some specific areas is contraindicated.